Questionnaire FAQs

As we are undergoing the period of gathering the responses to the questionnaire, this section of the website will address some frequent asked questions that have been raised so far.

Are my responses confidential?

Absolutely. Please be assured that all findings will be analysed in totality and not individually.
The confidentiality of your responses is absolutely assured.

Who can participate in the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is only for Resident Twinning Advisors (RTA) and Project Leaders (PL) who have worked or are currently working in Twinning Projects.

Can RTA and PL counterparts from Beneficiary Countries also respond to the questionnaire?


What does it mean to “based on your Twinning Experience” in the context of the questionnaire? 

When asked “based on your twinning experience” the respondent is expected to reply literally what the reality was in his/her own personal experience working in twinning projects, not what he or she thinks the reality should have been in an ideal sense.

What is open innovation?

Today open innovation is considered the new paradigm on the field of industrial innovation, as long as many companies have been progressively opening up their innovation systems with “the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively”. More info here.

Is this an EU Commission funded Research Project?

No. This is not an official EU Commission sponsored project.


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